From the September 1945 magazine.

Defends Early 12th Step Work

The article "Two Classes Who Fade --A Third Finds the Way," in the September 1945 Grapevine, seem to me based on misleading classifications, the third one dangerously so. One gets from this article the distinct impression that in proportion to the numbers arriving in A.A. a mere handful remains to work at the program and stay dry.

Since no particular locality was mentioned as the field of observation, it's to be assumed that the author's generalizing conclusions were based on extensive study of the approximately 500 groups now in existence. But let's assume instead that only a group or two, perhaps in a cosmopolitan area, served as research ground for the three classifications --which is more likely the case; for example, Manhattan, of which I'm a member, beginning my third year of sobriety. True, there's a discrepancy between the numbers arriving and those remaining, but it isn't nearly so overwhelmingly negative as indicated.

-- M. S.


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