From the November 1945 magazine.

Vino Vignettes:

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I heard about A.A. at a Christmas party last year but I thought it was a sort of club that would get someone off a bender --period! Right then, I was on the wagon so I wasn't even interested enough to ask many questions about it, and I might add that I was a pretty sour-faced female along about then.

One night I was talking to a friend of mine named Jean. She seemed to know quite a bit about A.A. and finally we went over to the Clubhouse at 405 East 41st Street. It was a Wednesday night and there didn't seem to be much doing; however, we sat around with a few people and talked for a while. Jean seemed very mixed up to me then. She wondered if she was an alcoholic, so asked this little bunch if they thought she was, and a guy got kinda rude and I went away without the slightest feeling A.A. was anything I needed.

-- N.F.


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