From the May 1945 magazine.

Urges Policy Be Clarified for Newcomers

I have read with more than passing interest the lead article in the March Grapevine, Our Anonymity Is Both Inspiration and Safety by Bill. It has supplied some of the answers to numerous questions that have been developing in my mind since I joined up with A.A. some seven months ago.

I came into A.A. under my own steam as I had known for quite some time that it was necessary to do something about a situation that was growing progressively worse. I have had considerable time on my hands and have utilized a large part of it in A.A. work. I have attended meetings of various groups at frequent intervals and have been regularly active in the group to which I belong. These groups vary in size from a few up to 200 or more members. I have consistently tried to meet and talk to as many of the older members as possible, to learn their ways of thinking and of practicing A.A. I found considerable unanimity in the understanding of general principles; wide variance as to practice (which is to be expected) and very few clear ideas, if any, on questions of a national policy. I have found evidences of group policy on some questions, which policy varies from group to group and even as to individuals within the groups but have been unable to get much information as to an over-all national policy.

-- Tom K.

Pasadena, California

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