From the December 1946 magazine.

A Miracle at Christmas----A Man Re-born

WOULD you say that a man who had been drinking for months, who had wound up in a flop house in such shape he could not get out of bed and whose "entire frame shook with convulsive-like tremors"--would you say that man could get up the following morning "clear eyed, his complexion good and. . .perfectly poised?" Of course not. But that's what happened in Chicago one Christmas five years ago. Following is an account of the strange happening, written by an A.A. member of the Chicago Group.

The partial history which follows is told by a witness rather than the principal. The latter, during the five years which have ensued since the happenings here described, has shown a reluctance to personally relate the story because he has felt that some of its unusual aspects might be more readily believable were they corroborated. He sits at my side as I dictate, as he has on several past occasions when the story has been told, concerned lest any inexact word creep in. There were, as a matter of fact, two witnesses:--One, an editor of a metropolitan paper; and the other, the narrator, a lawyer of long trial experience. The occupations are mentioned not to add anything to the credibility of the witnesses, but to identify the witnesses as men of some sophistication whose powers of observation would not be easily blurred by emotional considerations.

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