From the May 1947 magazine.

Programs Offered Widely

Those of you who were early subscribers to The A.A. Grapevine perhaps remember a column called "Time on Your Hands," which ran in the first six or seven issues. Though not a columnist, by the stretch of the most elastic imagination, and certainly not an expert in occupational therapy, I had the temerity to write that bit each month. I sent for catalogues, questioned friends and strangers, pored over lists and advertisements in order to collect data--and what happened? I got caught in the toils!

I had been sober about three years when the first A.A. Grapevine appeared and had begun to get itchy about myself--but didn't know it. Previous to A.A., I hadn't done much to improve myself or to bring out any latent abilities--even as you and you!

-- Lois K.

White Plains, New York

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