From the August 1947 magazine.

Live and Let Live

Every human being has a tendency to worry about the other fellow. It is a characteristic which none of us seems able to control. To be able to live our own lives without worrying about the other fellow is a virtue few of us possess. I have noticed in myself a feeling of depression when a friend of mine was driving a new car. I felt inferior because my friend had something I could only wish for. Is this not the pattern most of us follow in our lives? And isn't it also true that we many times concentrate on things which are of no concern to us; thus find ourselves in a "jam" because we didn't pay more attention to ourselves?

When a defect of character such as this presents itself, it is only natural that we want to strive to change our pattern. The alcoholic in A.A. finds the slogan "live and let live" a tremendous help in this particular trait of character. He begins by trying to eliminate jealousies or resentments. He then tries to live his own life without depending upon the pattern of another person. He concentrates more on his own problems and weaknesses rather than criticize his friends. (We cannot criticize others when we ourselves are open for criticism.) The alcoholic in A.A. will begin at last to see and feel the benefits of living with himself rather than by living by some other person's pattern.

-- D. H. M.

Peekskill, New York

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