From the August 1948 magazine.

Those Depressions--Make Them Work for Good!

MOST of us have them, I guess, those depressions that attack us without warning and apparently without adequate cause. I am sure that they are not limited to alcoholics, but for us they are dangerous, much more dangerous than they are to the average non-alcoholic, for they induce a craving, not for liquor necessarily, but for the effect of liquor.

I remember reading an article some time ago about mood cycles. I think it said that the mood swing for an average normal person took place in a matter of fourteen to eighteen days as a rule. It advised us to keep track of our feelings--that is, if we wake up feeling unaccountably happy and go through the day in that frame of mind, mark it down on our calendar and see how long it is until we have another such day. Do the same with the black days.

-- M.N.

New York, New York

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