From the August 1948 magazine.

First Things First and Keep an Open Mind

Two years ago when I stopped drinking for eight months through the reading of the book Alcoholics Anonymous I did not attend a single A.A. meeting. I just had a casual chat with the A.A. man who procured the book and sold it to me. At that time I was neither absorbing my religion nor A.A. I read the Bible as I read the A.A. book. In neither case did I study them. And, by not attending any A.A. meetings I did not have those helpful mottoes stamped in my mind--"Take it Easy--But For the Grace of God--First Things First--and Keep an Open Mind."

So, naturally, in my long, hard struggle with liquor and dope--I was not entirely free of resentment and criticism of others. In my mind I would look on a really bad, sodden alcoholic as somewhat beneath me--for, hadn't I fought a much harder battle--dope?

-- Hugh

Toronto, Canada

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