From the November 1948 magazine.

A "Loner" at Sea

The last of a series

Palembang River, January 3, 1948--"We had an enjoyable time in Palembang. We were invited to a New Year's Eve party. It was the first whoopee party. I have attended since joining A.A. I really had a swell time. I danced the old year out with the 16 year old daughter of the plant manager. It just goes to prove that you can have a swell time sober and people begin to wonder what you have got! It was really a pleasure to get up in the morning and remember everything I had done with no regrets.

At Sea, January 12, 1948--"I think I mentioned before that my chief engineer is a heavy drinker, perhaps an alcoholic. He has met several of my friends in A.A. and often comes up to my room and tells me what a wonderful thing it is. The next thing I know he is sitting on his bed reading the A.A. pamphlets with one hand and a bottle of whisky in the other. One of these days he's going to crack wide open. I don't get much chance to talk A.A. out here but I have discovered a little trap which works quite well. My daughter is rather pretty and her picture is on my desk. Just below it I casually leave the Big Book beside it. When we come into port my room is generally filled with agents, doctors, customs men and what not. Nine chances out of ten they look at the Book and ask about it. By this time I am passing the drinks around and when it comes to me I just mention the I can't drink--that I am an alcoholic. I've caught two that way in a very short time!

-- A Member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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