From the December 1948 magazine.

Your Wife May Be Sick, Too

I'M undoubtedly prejudiced, but I feel that more should be said about the wife's side of this story. It is true that coming into A.A. and adjusting to a new way of living is difficult for the man but it is a difficult adjustment for the wife, too.

It seldom occurs to a new man that his wife is just as sick mentally, physically and emotionally as he is. His disease has a definite name and treatment--he is an alcoholic and the A.A. Program is his recovery program. The wife's maladjustment is a little more difficult to name and treat. But she is as confused and bewildered as he. She is completely worn out physically and just a bundle of screaming nerves--and she definitely is a neurotic as a result of what she has been through over the years. The wife can follow her husband's path by following along with him in the A.A. Program. If she omits the word Alcohol from the 12 Steps she, too, can be greatly benefited by them. If the newcomer will only realize that his wife, too, needs kindness and patience and understanding. If she unexpectedly dissolves into sodden tears, don't stomp out of the house and throw your hands up in despair.

-- L.W.

Phoenix, Arizona

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