From the January 1949 magazine.

Who Says There Is No Such Thing!

WE hear much said by various speakers about "slips." Some people are of the opinion that there is no such thing as a slip; that taking another drink is a deliberate act. With the latter part of that statement this writer agrees: the taking of a drink is a deliberate act. However, in my opinion, I cannot agree with the statement that there is no such thing as a slip.

I have found that in my own case the taking of a drink after being in A.A. was not the slip itself, but rather the result of a slip that started anywhere from an hour to a week or more prior to taking that drink. In looking back and thinking over each slip that I have had, a definite pattern was noticed in connection with each one: The slip always came when I was physically or mentally tired, or both; it was always preceded by a nervous irritation which eventually got out of control; prior to the nervous irritation I was critical of the shortcomings of my fellow workers; I was intolerant of the other man because he disagreed with me or could not comprehend my feelings--that old "egotism" sprouting out again! And, if I go back far enough, to the very beginning of the slip, it usually disclosed the fact that I was missing a meeting here or there; I was not continuing to take the moral inventory as suggested in the 10th Step; I was not practicing and living the A.A. Program, but instead I was putting one or two nights a week aside for this purpose, provided nothing else came up.

-- T.J.P

Richmond Hill, New York

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