From the May 1949 magazine.

--The Loan Of--

Up Pops the Question

FREQUENTLY, and of course unofficially, there pops up the subject of money, the loan of. It is the root of many unnecessary and extraneous A.A. evils. Finding little guidance on this in our Tradition or 12 Steps, here is offered (as opinions only, remember) the fruit of a recent round-table discussion where this subject was batted around. Neophytes to old-timers, all present had gained, or suffered, some experience on the subject.

We should face up to a fact often denied or slighted--that money, being the accepted medium of exchange for so many things in life, has strong emotional strings attached which throw people into tailspins. Its handling has caused enough divorces, for one example, to remove any doubt of the weight it carries. The adage that it will not buy happiness has one answer universally, joined in by the writer: "Gimme it, and I'll run the risk." While drinking, money meant little to most of us, so long as the booze supply lines were not threatened. Partly for that reason, most guys or gals arrive in A.A. stone broke and often with financial entanglements to confound a Wall Street wizard.

-- The Deacon

New York, New York

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