From the January 1950 magazine.

Dealing With the Dilemma


STARTING with the June 1949 issue of The A. A. Grapevine, there have been several articles dealing with the dilemma of certain AA members who have been "dry," physically at least, for a considerable period of time but who find themselves in a dangerous state of restlessness, coupled with a feeling of futility concerning their continued progress in constructive living. Let's turn for a moment to the case history of one such member.

We will introduce our subject simply as Tom, though he might be Dick or Harry. After a not too spectacular but long continued drinking career, for a number of years representing a truly alcoholic progression, an injury resulting from a rather protracted "binge" caused Tom to attempt "the wagon." For something over a year prior to his discovery of AA, his long suffering family, his clergyman, two psychiatrists and even his boss had tried vainly to keep him there. Tom himself really wanted an answer during that unhappy year but his sobriety never lasted for any appreciable period of time. At long last he found AA and the solution of his number one problem. To date he has not taken that first drink.

-- A. T.

Greenwich Village, New York

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