From the January 1950 magazine.

The Pumps Are Open the Gas Is Free

ABOUT five years ago a couple of AAs began having lunch together once in a while in lower Manhattan. Then the AA magnet began to draw another, and then another. Until ten months ago these AAs, now grown in number, met every Tuesday. Then a few came in Thursday, others on Wednesday, and three or four every business day. Now it is not uncommon to have close to 20 AAs pull up at the Interstate AA Service Station at Timmie's Steak House & Bar at 115 Liberty Street for lunch and "fuel." The "pumps" are open every day from 12 to 2 p.m. (the "gas" is free), and some of our station's services may be worth noting for AAs in other cities:

  1. One of our now regular customers came into AA through the station and has since done an excellent translation of the entire Big Book into Spanish.
  2. AAs from New York, New Jersey, and even from Bermuda and Panama, have used the station as a break in the business day to check up on their sobriety and substitute a new luncheon pattern.
  3. Thus far 45 groups are listed on our customer file and more than 70 AAs have checked in at least once for a motor tune-up in the past year.
  4. In addition to furnishing AA fuel, the station has taken the resentment "knock" out of many a motor, has "wiped the windshield" where the vision has become blurred and has adjusted the "rear-view" mirror so the driver will remember where he came from.
  5. The station has "sparked" many a meeting in northern New Jersey and New York City by arranging for speakers from groups who previously had never visited "across the river."
  6. It has helped to straighten out the "steering apparatus" by giving AAs a chance to seek suggestions outside their home group. (No, we did not say "to air gripes.")

As humble chronicler for the group, I can honestly say that I have had as much smooth driving from the fuel dispensed here as I have had almost anywhere in the AA chain of "stations." Pull in the next time you're in town.

-- A Satisfied Customer

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