From the February 1950 magazine.

. . .Follow Through. . .

the picture changes rapidly

RIGHT in our own 12 Steps is a tremendous One-Two Punch! Maybe it would be more accurate to call it the Four-Ten Punch! For I'm referring to the 4th and 10th Steps. If you start with the 4th and follow through with the 10th and do it continuously, some amazing things begin to happen to your self respect, to your general usefulness, and to your life itself!

When that first inventory is taken, it's a pretty gloomy procedure. The minuses usually overpower the plusses. The outlook is not good. If you stop there, it may look like a hopeless task to get the thing in balance. Like the fellow recently said in The A. A. Grapevine, "A disgruntled AA is a man who has taken moral inventory of himself and got sore about it."

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