From the March 1950 magazine.

---Can't Put My Finger on the Key---

I OUGHT to know a lot about AA--but I don't. I have seen it work successfully on 200 different drunks, regardless of age, sex, color, creed, contour or bank account. I don't know what makes it "click" with such regularity. I still can't put my finger on the "key" phase, or thought or act, that changes us from wet to dry. The 200 members and dozen clubs I know each have a pet and different high spot in the Program that appeals to them. They will even argue to defend their pet solution. Each new meeting leader brings out a new angle that did the job for him. Even if it works only for him, it is justified and sufficient. Therefore, the only real conclusion I can reach, is that AA will work somehow for anybody who will let it.

If all this is true, why do we have slips and complete failures? Why do the people we least expect become permanent members, while others we were sure of will quit after a few short months? These failures had the desire to join, and they demonstrated they could stay sober--yet they didn't. Why? Were they disappointed in sobriety? Did they expect too much? Did we promise them too much? Or what? Maybe the job has two distinct parts--one to get sobriety--and the second to enjoy it enough to maintain it.

-- Anonymous

Vincennes, Indiana

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