From the August 1950 magazine.

Sometimes, the Answer Is. . .No!

IN AA we have the spiritual phase, which is important. There are six of the Twelve Steps which refer to a spiritual way of life. The living of a spiritual way is merely the daily attempt to honestly adjust our wills to the Will of God.

Remember the words, "in all our affairs" whether it be prayer, sickness, business, finance, home life, social life, sleeping, or eating. Why can't God help us meet a financial obligation, help solve our group problems? Why can't He guide our thinking, our conversation, our journey, our working, our playing, our business, our decisions, our family welfare, our clubs, our everything? Didn't we come to believe in a Power Greater than Ourselves, greater than any human strength. Why can't we become God-Conscious at all times?

-- Ed O'N.

Cumberland, Maryland

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