From the August 1950 magazine.

Money, Money, Money! Do We Need It?

AS operating alcoholics most of us were financial wizards. Collectively we spent a fortune on alcoholic beverages. We spent another fortune on flighty adventures which were induced by alcoholism. As the result of these wild orgies we spent another fortune on hospitals and drying out places in order to get us in physical shape to start all over again. Money, money, money. Where did it all come from? Only the individual can answer that question. Surprising as it seems, the dried up alcoholic has become tight--financially, that is. We thought nothing of spending five bucks for a bottle. Now we reluctantly drop two-bits in the basket as a price for our sobriety.

Let's turn the calendar back a few years and take a look at one of our traditions. A well-known newspaper man and friend of AA wanted to start a campaign to raise funds to purchase a new home for us. He wrote an article in the local newspaper to that effect. We were elated. We had visions of the finest AA home in the Southeast. We held a business meeting one night to discuss this offer and to vote on it. The entire membership turned out in full force. The pros and cons had a verbal battle royal. It was decided by a substantial majority to accept this offer of outside help.

-- A.Y.

Atlanta, Georgia

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