From the October 1950 magazine.

You Can't Die Mad!

I AM flat on my back on a hospital bed in my home in La Jolla, California, balancing a portable on my knees. You see, I am recovering from a heart attack, the nation's most deadly killer. Maybe the story of a cardiac alcoholic would be of interest to other AAs.

One night death came into my bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed. Coronary thrombosis--the number one killer of this country--the horror that takes one life every minute of the day. Doctors were summoned, our family physician and a heart doctor with all kinds of electronic gear, etc. Now alcohol is used commonly in the control of this type of disease--it seems it sort of opens the arteries which are choking up. So naturally the heart doctor called for brandy or whisky quick.

-- F.R.

San Diego, California

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