From the November 1950 magazine.

The Pay Off Is Good

SINCE time began man has expected a whole lot out of this world failing in most cases to put anything in himself; it's only human I guess to feel that the world owes us everything. People have been heard to remark "What am I going to get out of this thing or that thing. So in AA let's take a look at what we get out of and what we put into the organization.

When the alcoholic first gets in touch with this organization he is in most cases at the end of his rope. He is sick at heart and full of remorse, with himself he feels disgust and in most cases the desire to stop drinking is foremost in his mind. Now the first thing AA offers the alcoholic is warm sympathy and understanding of his problem. The alcoholic cannot shock anyone with his tale of woe, as they have been through the same experience at one time or another. This complete understanding given by other alcoholics is invaluable.

-- H.G.

Lewiston, Idaho

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