From the April 1951 magazine.

A Freedom of Choice

MY soul and conscience is a part of God and his holy spirit that is not given to me alone, but to every single individual in the world. We can have and enjoy this supreme luxury as much or as little as we want. We have that same freedom of choice as we do in all other matters. We can drink or not, as we choose. We can be good or bad. There would be no virtue if we did not have this choice. In other words, if we couldn't or were unable to be bad, our being good wouldn't mean anything.

I have found the only answers to my mixed up life and emotional instability in the practice of the 12 Steps which when explored led me to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. I had heard of them from childhood with varying periods of half belief to near complete agnosticism. Suddenly the question occurred to me, what do I have to lose if I apply these teachings to my daily life? Perhaps religion is an exact science and is governed by laws as definite as chemistry, physics, gravity, motion, or any known physical phenomenon. On a small scale I've tried through prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God, and sought to do His will and not mine. We later entered into a partnership agreement and are now in business together. The most amazing things have taken place in my life. Through trusting Him and believing in Him I can solve, or we can solve any problem that comes up in daily life, whether it be in my work, home, or in recreational activities. People, who in the past, were tolerated with varying degrees, now have become distinct individuals, and friendships are developing where hatred and jealousy existed before. I am gradually coming out of an introverted personality that alcoholism gave expression to through a realization of what God wants me to do. I had to love Him better than I did myself in order to love other people aside from a small select group of friends and relatives.

-- C. A. L.

Atlanta, Georgia

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