From the September 1951 magazine.

The Arena

wherein the Grapevine readers offer suggestions to old-timers

IT'S rank temerity for a youngster to accept the challenge found in the August Grapevine under the title "Old-Timers Interest Lagging?" I do, however, with strong emphasis on "it's my personal opinion."

For me attainment of sobriety is but the first gift of AA and the maintainence of that sobriety, through the suggested AA Way of Life, as personally interpreted, it's second and, perhaps, greater gift. If we stop with sobriety our Program becomes static. If we follow through in the AA Way of Life by activating the suggestions of the 12 Steps it is continuous and developing, with the rewards of maintained sobriety, individual growth or maturing responsibility, a changed thinking and confirmation of the wonders of a Higher Power.

-- M.A.J.

Lenox Hill, New York

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