From the March 1952 magazine.

Stethoscope and Periscope - The Doctors Look at Alcohol

A Grapevine Medical Report. . .

THAT there is a strong new beat to the pulse of the medical profession's recognition of alcoholism as a disease is indicated by even a casual survey of current medical journals. That physicians, psychiatrists and even biologists are looking around a wider horizon to study care for the alcoholic patient is to be noted in the variety of research reported in recent clinical literature.

Writing in the newest issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry (Volume 108, No. 6), Dr. James J. Smith summarizes one research report by saying "The work. . .is part of the new era in the study of alcoholism; an era that should see real progress into the causes and treatment of what some people consider to be the fourth in importance of our major public health problems."

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