From the March 1952 magazine.

Some Are Sicker

TWO and a half years ago The Rebound Group was founded by a few AAs in the Mission District of San Francisco. They felt that something should and could be done for the increasing numbers of "slipees." Especially those called "in and outers" who seemed to be the forgotten men. The start was slow. But as the word got around and the group moved to a more centrally located meeting place the attendance increased steadily. Since then hundreds of "rebounders" have come and gone. We have only a few steady members who keep the group going.

At the outset we knew from experience that after a relapse we are reluctant and ashamed to go back to our home group. So an added transmission line was established between an alcoholic and a relapse. We all had had the same experience and could freely discuss our problems. It soon became apparent that the main cause of a slip was the lack of acceptance of the First Step. Therefore this Step is given special attention and interpretation at each meeting. So are subjects pertaining to "be honest with yourself, clean and straight thinking and the importance of attending meetings." we have found that those who stick it out and come back regularly have a good chance of recovery. Discussions are usually conducted by the speakers and members and visitors are free to bring up any personal problem that may be an obstacle to their sobriety.

-- J. S.

San Francisco, California

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