From the May 1952 magazine.

Confessions of an AA Circuit-rider

YOU'VE seen me around. Me or my counterpart. I'm the AA you're likely to hear as Guest Speaker at your annual banquet. Then maybe a month or so later when you go to your state convention or your regional assembly you may run into me again. Once more I'm a Guest Speaker. The old Spot light Kid.

I'm imported, usually from New York or some other big AA center. The out-of-town or right-from-head-quarters tag is part of my value. It all comes about quite easily and innocently. I speak at a banquet and right then and there I'm beginning to build a 'reputation.' So when the program chairman over in the next state starts planning his party he looks around for a 'name' in a movement notorious for having no 'names.' So what does he do? He calls me simply because I'm a known quantity more or less acceptable to the AAs he's trying to please.

-- Tom, Dick and Harry

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