From the July 1952 magazine.

Who Done It?

WHO done it? You done it, I didn't. This is a good who done it mystery, and at times it really does become a mystery to the individual alcoholic, and even to the alcoholic group. It should never be a mystery but never-the-less the facts and the evidence are all too prominent. Now. . . Who done it? Let's erase the unknown "you" and replace this little three letter pronoun with a three letter noun beginning with a capital "G" and say God done it, I didn't.

Many times I have been shocked, hurt, numbed, or what ever you call that feeling that comes over me when I learn of Jim, Joe, or John having a slip and I have said along with others, "Ain't it a shame, I never saw anyone try any harder than he did to keep the program."

-- L. N. C.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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