From the August 1952 magazine.

The Elements of AA Sobriety--The Three H's

SERENITY, Courage and Wisdom might be termed the Three Fruits of AA Sobriety. They are the result, ordinarily, of sustained effort and progress in practicing the program. Some expect them right away, sometimes merely for the asking, but they are, in a sense, rewards to be earned and they do not rank high on a list headed by First Things First. Near the top of that tabulation we might find the Three H's, Honesty, Humility and Helpfulness, the Three Elements of AA Sobriety.

While physical sobriety is often attained early, in some cases immediately upon first contact with AA, the enduring sobriety of good quality and continued growth is dependent upon the acquisition in at least reasonable amounts of the Three Elements.

-- Anonymous

Scarsdale, New York

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