From the January 1953 magazine.

1952 - A Bonus Year

an extra sober day!

1952 was the year when I opened my heart and thinking apparatus, and let the Spirit take me by the hand. It was a good intention diligently applied, because the year became useful, productive, and I matured with the passing of the days. The percentage of poor days was few, and yet, they were gainfully employed in a productive manner because as day succeeded day, I became more thoroughly engrossed in enjoying my sobriety. All these past hours and thinking have reinforced my perceptions, and have made sturdier the foundation, on which I can now build the Steps.

Every day looks good to me. . .they have the hope of joyous expectancy, new horizons, more improved thinking, better tolerance, and growing understanding. The Steps are of infinite value, will offer encouragement and liberation, from all the indecisions that plagued me in the past.

-- A. W.

Burlington, Vermont

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