From the July 1953 magazine.

An Open Letter to AA

I AM a member of the Chicago group, starting my seventh year of continuous sobriety. I have many times read the Big Book, both for my own knowledge and also before calling on others to carry the message. Nowhere between the covers am I able to find where it gives any information about how to carry the message to constant slippers.

As I have said, I have read and reread the Big Book, and it seems to me that the book deals with the person who has an alcoholic problem, but does not know how to help himself. On page 107, paragraph three, it says "If he is not interested in your solution. . . ." Again, on page 108, paragraph two: "We find it a waste of time to keep chasing a man who cannot or will not work with you." In other words, as I understand it, the book is for the person who has no preconceived ideas of AA.

-- J. F. M.

Chicago, Illinois

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