From the October 1953 magazine.

A Young and Short Snorter Finds the Way

I AM a young member of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am twenty-two. I admitted my defeat at the hands of alcohol on February 15, 1953, which was three weeks from my twenty-second birthday.

My heavy drinking started six months after I was in the Navy. To me, all sailors drank, and I had to be one of the boys. So-o-o-o, when I went on liberty with them, I drank just as heavily as they did, if not more. If these fair weather friends, as a few were, ordered a scotch and soda, I had to order double, just to show them that I, also, could take it. Within the short space of six months, I was to appear before the Commanding Officer no less than twenty-eight times for intoxication. At that time, we were stationed in Quonset Point, Rhode Island, and the law, both civil and military, stated that a person must be twenty-one to drink. My usual excuse was that I was ignorant of the law, which I was not. Anyway, I never got into any trouble. Just warnings.

-- R. S.

West N. Y., New Jersey

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