From the November 1953 magazine.

A Plan of Operation

Meetings are where we learn AA. . .but do we always remember that we also help to teach?

EACH member of AA, after a period of orientation--that is, after the period of confusion and indecision that we all experience when we first come on the program--has passed, starts out to establish a method of his own to work out the Twelve Suggested Steps of AA.

It is true that we all have the same Twelve Steps to work with, and the same goal: to stop our drinking and to find a new way of life. However, each individual eventually works out a method that differs to some extent from the method used by other members. He usually starts by reading the Big Book and whatever other literature comes to hand that he has a desire to read. He listens to the speakers from his own and other groups, and from the varied observations, ideas, experiences and opinions expressed by these speakers, the new member begins, by a process of elimination to piece together a working plan of his own. He accepts those ideas that appeal to his reasoning and rejects those which he believes to be of little or no value to him.

-- R. L. O.

Lawton, Oklahoma

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