From the January 1954 magazine.

Lord, Grant That I May Seek Rather to Love. . .Than to Be Loved

-St. Francis of Assisi

THE question always confronts me as I go about each new day, happy in my new-found sobriety and way of life: what am I doing to pay for all these things? Each night as my day draws to a close and I find myself checking over the proceeds of the day, it seems to me that somehow or another I always wind up with more than I gave. It doesn't seem fair. I know I'm trying but when I say I did my best I realize that this is not so because as every day ends I can see where I could have done a little more. I could have thought a little more and I could have helped a little more. I feel that sometimes I refrain from helping someone for the simple reason that I feel they will not respond, that maybe they are not alcoholic, and so it finally dawns on me that I am looking for returns for what I do, or else I do not put much thought or effort into the message.

I find myself carrying the message every day, taking it home with me each night without making too many deliveries that day. Now, if I understand this program a little, the Twelfth Step distinctly says "we try to carry this message to the alcoholic who still suffers and to practice these principles in all our affairs."

-- Bill M.

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

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