From the March 1954 magazine.

A Grateful Member Looks At So-called Coincidences

FOR one who used to be pretty much on the agnostic side, it still comes as a surprise every time those things that I used to call "coincidences" happen to me. But after four and a half years of enjoying this new way of life, I am convinced that the help I receive must come from an Intelligence much much greater than mine.

Last spring my husband, who is also a member of AA embarked on a new business venture. He resigned from an excellent job which provided everything we needed in the way of security, but which would not stretch to cover college education for our children. We felt that we owed them at least that much to make up in part for the years of neglect they had lived through while we were both drinking. We discussed the proposed move, both between ourselves, and with the children, and we all agreed that it would be worth the sacrifices we would all have to make. We hadn't nearly enough capital (having just paid off the last of the debts incurred during our lengthy "spree") and knew that all of the profits beyond our actual living expenses would have to be put back into the business in the form of parts and equipment. We realized full well that the coming winter would be the toughest one to survive, and that in all probability, my husband would have to find a temporary means of support until his business season opens again in the spring.

-- D. M. S.

Lancaster, Ohio

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