From the April 1954 magazine.

Are We Forgetting "The Millions Who Still Don't Know"?

I HAVE never attended one of the General Service Conferences, which are held in New York each spring, but I have been privileged to observe how much these Conferences have contributed to our Third Legacy of service. I was a member of one of the first State Committees, and therefore received all essential information about the need of such a Conference from the Alcoholic Foundation, as well as first-hand reports from our own State Delegate. Our present Delegate, a very close friend of mine, has added greatly to my understanding of the value of the Conferences. So I know now, as many of you do, that the Conference is our democratic way of expressing our fellowship-opinion on AA matters so that our Foundation Trustees, our General Service Headquarters and our Grapevine staff will always have "grass roots" guidance on their ever-expanding efforts to do worldwide Twelfth Step work.

Perhaps I take it for granted--because I, too, owe so much to AA--that these Delegates from all the states and Canadian provinces would naturally be willing to devote much time and effort to Conference matters. However, I am puzzled as to why we make it necessary for them, and our state and provincial Committeemen, to work so hard to secure funds to pay the expenses of the very Conferences which we ask our Delegates to attend.

-- Anonymous


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