From the October 1954 magazine.

Second excerpt from the "Internationalists Bulletin

About 100 sea-going AAs keep sober through correspondence with each other, with General Service Headquarters, and with homebound AAs who like to write letters. Two excerpts from a recent "Internationalists Bulletin" follow.

LAST May 6th, after returning to sea for my living once more, I had my first anniversary, not having taken the first drink for one year. I know this will make you feel almost as good as it does me. Very soon I hope to be able to write you a long letter in which I can really express what that year has meant in happiness, personally and I think for my family.

But now I just want to mention a few things that seemed to me, in my enthusiasm, almost marvellous since returning to sea, a step I feared. In the last port after phoning the local number (which I got from the Directory you sent me) I appeared a bit late at the local meeting of the night. I no sooner sat down to listen attentively, when someone in front of me turned and said, "Hello, friend!" It was a man from my own ship! He was a man I had actually signed on while helping the captain one-day and we had been on the same ship perhaps five weeks or so without knowing. I want to say that as far as I am concerned this almost completes any fear I had about returning to sea, "maybe leaving the AA program behind me on shore." We have had some wonderful talks on board, and will have more. But, for those not quite as fortunate, I would like to say that with the help of the Directory and God, in nearly every (99%) port, I have made the phone call about a meeting that night (we are usually only in port one night) and with it found friends wherever I go, good friends and a very pleasant evening whenever I was able to be with AA people. Without exception the despised seaman is welcomed with glad cries. I am only joking there about the despised seaman, but you know what I mean.

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