From the January 1955 magazine.

Why Do It Tonight?

IT was six months after I had come into AA and the honeymoon was over. In other words, I had begun to want something besides sobriety and my halo was slipping. A bunch of us were driving down to the next town for our regular Saturday night visit to a neighboring group. I was driving and musing as we rolled along, "--and I have to write up the program for the next radio broadcast, and the wife wants me to hang up the storm windows, and I have to fix up the vacuum cleaner, and I really ought to wash the car, and I should go to call on Art. I honestly don't see how I'm going to get everything done tomorrow that absolutely has to be done."

So there I was, driving along, knocking myself out thinking about all the work I had to do tomorrow, when one of the gals in the back seat said, "For heavens sake, why do it tonight?"

-- R. L.

Teaneck, New Jersey

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