From the April 1955 magazine.

Why Does AA Work?

"WHAT makes this AA of yours work?" is a question frequently posed by friends who "knew me when." Their undisguised admiration for our program and amazement at the daily miracles of recovery it accomplishes prompt this query. I usually come up with an ambiguous, "A bunch of drunks working together," or a plain, "Gee, I can't put my finger on it, but it sure works." I realize our sober fellowship needs no testimonials, but feel such answers inadequate. So I am impelled to put on paper a few thoughts on what makes AA work for me.

By the time I reached the portals of AA in the summer of 1953 my drinking had reduced me from a congenial, moderately successful young man to a tattered, hopeless vagrant, shambling aimlessly in pursuit of wherewithal for the next jug of "sneaky pete." I had become saturated with the ruinous self-pity of a defeated, disillusioned old man, and I was not yet thirty!

-- E. V. C.

New York City, New York

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