From the May 1955 magazine.

How About an AA Prayer Pool?

IT sometimes happens that an AA rarely has an opportunity to do Twelfth Step work as we usually interpret that Step--visiting one who needs our help, or rather, the help of AA. Some have even worried over this lack of opportunity, although we are told, and believe, there are other ways of Twelfth Stepping: such as regular attendance at meetings, putting in a helpful word, speaking when called upon to do so, making the newcomer feel at home, and countless small things, all important.

Being one of those who now rarely gets a call to make a visit, I have come to believe that there is something else we can all do. This I have been doing for months and although I never spoke of it I was surprised at a meeting the other night when a speaker said that he, too, followed this practice.

-- Anon.

Bradenton, Florida

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