From the October 1955 magazine.

Who Done It?

An AA asks

EARLY one morning I met an AA who had made the First Step easily but could not or would not make the next two Steps because he said he was "not convinced that there was a higher power." I have known this AA all my life so I lowered the boom on him, as follows:

So you are not convinced, I began. For over forty years you were a total failure, a bankrupt morally and financially. You had a good mind, good education and dozens of opportunities, but failed. You disgraced your family and friends. You borrowed from your friends and stole from your wife to satisfy your master to buy alcohol. You tried many socially fine undertakings, but your master disapproved and you dropped or failed them. In the last few years you were given up by your doctor and your family as a hopeless drunk. You were sick most of the time, flopping on the cot hardly able to move. You ate food and drank wine paid for with the hard-earned money of your wife until all was gone.

-- H. S.

Los Angeles, California

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