From the April 1956 magazine.

Humility. . .The Voice of Experience

An old-timer (who waited three years to put down what he believes he learned from his slip that occurred after many years' sobriety) speaks, it seems to us, with both humility and authority

IN order to live and stay sober I had to make a real inventory this time--nothing like the superficial one made years ago.

The usual AA inventory that I have heard is a tale of over-confidence, conceit, blaming others for our troubles, etc.--in other words, the accepted AA version of egotism. In sixteen years in AA I have never met a single alcoholic with any real self-confidence. I think that what I have discovered in two years of intense self-analysis would be of some help to other "old-timers" who have had trouble, although my thoughts have not crystallized in any organized form. This, at any rate, is what I had to learn in order to want to live:

-- O. J.

Escondido, California

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