From the October 1956 magazine.

The Worst Disappointment

IN ATTENDING MANY MEETINGS I've often heard members speak, sometime longingly, of the "good times" they had in their drinking careers. Let me register a minority opinion on this point. I tried hard to have them, but never made it. For me any good times were wishful thinking, and not in fact. I know now what real good times are--those I have with my sober AA friends. And I've come to know the deeper satisfaction of trying to live a worthwhile life.

As a young drunk, with what envy I listened to people talk of their wives and families, and cars, and jobs. These things were not for me. I was a drunk before I could become anything else. Before I could ever get off the ground floor on a job, much less a profession, I was trapped in an alcoholic whirlpool.

-- Eric M.

Baltimore, Maryland

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