From the June 1957 magazine.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT that we of the human race are creatures of habit. Whether drunk or sober or in that Never-Never Land that lies between, when we first come to AA. The old engraved habits persist. Many seem virtually impossible to break. Sometimes it seems wiser to acquire entirely new ones than to attempt to remedy the old.

In this matter of habits, a story comes to my mind that relates to an old and well-established custom of the male of the human species: he finds it necessary to shave the hair from his face. After I had been shaving for many years I had acquired a particular and habit-set series of motions which it seemed must necessarily be performed in their rightful order--if I were successfully to remove my whiskers!

-- J. L.

Winslow, Arizona

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