From the November 1957 magazine.

Easy Does It

A Hard Slogan for the Alcoholic

WHEN I FIRST CAME INTO AA the slogans appealed to me, although I didn't pay much attention to putting them into practice in my own life. The many other practical suggestions about AA were what helped me the most, such as living twenty-four hours at a time, nickel therapy, meetings and keeping busy in a loving fellowship. The various slogans made sense, but I couldn't identify myself as needing them.

As time has gone by, the various parts of the program, including the Twelve Steps, have had a greater meaning to me. I think that I have learned to put "First Things First" more often than I used to; and also to "Live and Let Live" has become more understandable and easier to use. But that darned "Easy Does It"! Even today, I can't say that I have progressed more than three percent along the way to "Easy Does It."

-- Y. G.

New York City, New York

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