From the September 1959 magazine.

A Case of Over-exposure

ABOUT three years ago when I moved to this location I met a neighbor who has his residence just back of my used-car lot. He stopped in my office several times and offered me--in the usual grandiose manner of the alcoholic--a drink. I told him that I had my particular share of the stuff, and was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Sometime later, in a conversation with him about my membership in AA, I made the remark that when I joined AA I couldn't have borrowed a quarter, but that now, ten years or so later and as a member of AA, I would venture the guess that I was $60,000 in debt. All of this was said lightly, my idea being to point out to him what a change in a person's solvency could transpire by staying sober.

-- Anon.

San Rafael, California

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