From the October 1960 magazine.

A Coke May Cost More Than a Collins in Germany

THE news from Ramstein, Germany, is good news. Less than a year ago, four alcoholics, desperately in need of AA, sent out an S.O.S. With the help of the Wiesbaden Group, and the T.L.C. of the base Flight Surgeon, the Ramstein Chapter came into existence. We are now over forty in number, and find new members at each meeting--partly due to the good doctor's influence and partly due to the enthusiastic Twelfth Step work of the older members.

And if there was ever a field day for Twelfth Step workers--it is here in Germany. Alcohol in all forms is cheap, plentiful, and available at all hours. (In fact, I have had friends tell me that they can't afford not to buy liquor, because they save so much money on each bottle!)

-- B. R.

Ramstein, Germany

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