From the January 1961 magazine.

Easy Does It

Time can be a helpful friend or a harsh master. Use it wisely and you'll live longer and happier!

I lost a very dear friend the other day under tragic circumstances. The papers said he fell or jumped to the subway tracks. The autopsy showed a circulation stoppage prior to death which would have caused extreme dizziness at the very least. However, I felt that his death in any case was simply symptomatic of the basic cause, overwork.

For at least three years I had pleaded with him to Easy Does It--pleaded with him to give up at least one of his three jobs. I tried to persuade him that his sobriety and health meant more to his wife and children than anything material. My friend died sober but he is dead nevertheless, so I feel impelled to write my conception of the slogan Easy Does It.

-- P.W.

Jackson Heights, New York

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