From the September 1961 magazine.

79 Years With the Bottle

His mother put whiskey in his baby bottle. From then on, any old jug would do

MY name is Louis R. and I'm an alcoholic. I guess I've always been an alcoholic--at least I've always drunk alcohol. My mother used to put a few drops of whiskey in a bottle of warm water and feed it to me when I was a baby. And that was a long, long time ago.

I was born in Washington, D. C., on the fourth day of July in the year 1880. Rutherford B. Hayes was then President of the United States, but the first President I really remember was McKinley. The reason I remember him so well was that he once gave me a tip for watering his horse on his way back from a big celebration at the...

-- Louis R., by P. C.

Washington, D. C.