From the December 1961 magazine.

11th Steppers

Second of a series reporting on special AA meetings

THREE years don't give a child time to do very much growing, but in his first three years he does do much of his learning, and this has most certainly been the case with one AA infant, the Eleventh Step Meeting. In the nearly three years since we began these meetings in the Miami area of South Florida, we have learned many things we never expected.

About a dozen of us in Miami launched the Eleventh Step Meeting in the Fall of 1958 purely in an effort to obey the injunction of the Step itself to "improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him." Initially we had no very clear idea of how to go about this, except that we did feel that meditation must be made something positive, like the rest of the program. It could not be a vague withdrawal to think profound thoughts. Life and thought don't work that way. To us, meditation included reading, discussion, debate, sharing of every idea, concept and thought that might aid in the leading of a spiritual way of life.

-- E. B.

Miami, Florida

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