From the April 1962 magazine.


some of our weirdest case histories involve a loss of memory which is still a mystery to science

ONE of the experiences which we share, and which normal drinkers can seldom understand, is the "blackout." Normal drinkers, if for some reason they try to see how much they can hold, can pass out but that is another thing entirely. The blackout, in its purest form, is a loss of memory of "what happened last night"--while we were behaving either normally to all appearances or were merely "high." Being a chronic victim of blackouts myself during my drinking years, I have been collecting incidents which happened to friends of mine and which I have heard recounted at open meetings. Here are a few:

Gail "came to" while walking on lower Broadway in Manhattan. She bought a paper to find out where she was and the date. She was wearing a completely strange outfit. There was money in her pocketbook, but no papers except a receipt for a bill paid at a Colorado ski lodge. She had been blacked out for two months, during which time she had traveled from San Francisco to New York, with a stop-over in Colorado.

-- M. L.

Chicago, Illinois

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