From the April 1962 magazine.

When Love Is Not Enough

in desperation, the non-alcoholic looks for a magic key to the alcoholic's prison

YESTERDAY evening, quite unaware and completely unconsciously on your part, you gave me a gift, for which I am and will always be eternally grateful.

I am a non-alcoholic. I was present at your meeting as a guest. I confess I came with no great alacrity. My personal mental outlook on "alcoholics" had reached the point of no return. In my heart and soul, every last alcoholic in the world could have cheerfully gone to Hell, just so long as they all went quietly. But in answer to what I knew to be a sincere invitation on the part of my hostess, I accepted in courtesy, and putting on my party manners came to your meeting.

-- F. D.

Montebello, California

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